prianka mehzabin

Counselling is simply a natural expression of who Prianka is and the perfect use of her gifts.  She has a heart full of caring and empathy and counselling has been her chosen vocation and heart's passion for a very long time. Having spent the better part of 6 years here at MTM in between the births of her two young boys, Prianka consistently provides a very nurturing and supportive counselling experience that allows clients to completely trust in her and find the courage they need to work through past hurts, and to heal and grow.  Tracey-Leigh knew instantly that the counsellor role was one that Prianka was born to fill.  Her genuinely kind and supportive nature helps clients to immediately relax in her company as she listens and understands, relating to clients with such warmth and acceptance.  Prianka has natural intuition and wisdom and is able to lead clients deeper into themselves to find answers and effect positive change and real empowerment, achieving amazing outcomes with clients.   

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