Karleigh Phillips - Relationship and Life Coach


Karleigh joined the MTM team in 2014 and has been lighting up the place with her smile ever since.  Serving in the role of Relationship and Life Coach for almost 3 years now and our office manager, Karleigh knows the business well and has the perfect skill set for this role, getting a bit of a head start growing up as Tracey-Leigh's daughter!  Older than her appearance might suggest, Karleigh (25) is a mum to two young girls, aged 4 & 2 and connects with clients of all ages.  Refreshingly upfront, Karleigh will see you and get you - and she absolutely shines when working with individuals and couples on relationship behaviours, communication skills, understanding personal boundaries and overcoming emotional blocks.  Her ability to implement effective strategies and stimulate powerful mindset shifts is remarkable, stemming from wisdom and experience that is well beyond her years.  

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